What’s in the Box?
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Stool Collection Kit

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Instruction Guide

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Pre-Paid Return Envelope

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Biosafety Bag

Personal Microbiome Report
Personal Microbiome Report
Expert Recommendations

We have dietitians and medical doctors analyze your baby’s test results and develop personalized nutrion recommendations based on those findings.

Health Insights

We’ll tell you what your baby’s test results mean and explain how you can enhance your baby’s gut microbiome through nutrition recommendations.

How it works?
Step 1

Collect a small sample (at least 1 gram) of stool from your baby's diaper using the mini "pooper scooper" tool. Transfer the sample into the test tube provided.

Step 2

Tightly screw the cap back onto the test tube. Shake the contents in the test tube for 3-5 seconds until the stool is mixed with the solution

Step 3

Place the test tube in the sample bagel provided. Insert the sample bag into the pre-paid return package

Step 4

Activate your test kit with the code provided on the test label

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